Two months of EMTM: A very brief summary.

So many things have happened around and inside of me over these past two months. And probably every single one of them deserves an own post (which I have been and will be working on). But for now, I just want to list them. Simply to let you know what’s going on. And maybe also to figure that out myself.





  • I moved to Denmark.
       And all my fears in relation to that proved to have been unnecessary.
  • I lost most of my personal belongings on the way there.
    And realized that I can live just fine without all my stuff.
  • I started my EMTM (European Master of Tourism Management) studies.
       And am absolutely in love with the challenges that still brings every single day.
  • I moved in a house with 14 other girls.
       And against all odds, I actually like it there.




  • I started climbing.
       And therefore made another one of my childhood dreams come true.
  • I picked up yoga again.
       And found it to be very healing for body and soul.
  • I began to train my eyesight daily.
       And am still blind af, but less dependent on my glasses.
  • I went from drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day to 1-2 cups a week.
       And found out that having tea can give me the exact same pleasure.
  • I gave up intermittent fasting.
       And experienced that if I let my body and not the clock tell me when to eat, it takes away a lot of stress.
  • I decided to go vegan all the way.
       And do not miss a single thing.





  • I started to give writing the priority in my life it deserves.
       And integrated it into my morning routine.
  • I lost the desire to travel.
       And found it again in a completely new way.
  • I discovered that an inspiring environment is priceless.
       And that I can be a part of creating it.
  • I somehow got a whole lot more comfortable around people.
       And maybe just generally as a person.
  • I identified a lot of rules, routines and beliefs that I established over the past years.
       And decided to let that shit go.
  • I realized that life is a never-ending sequence of transitions.
       And that there is no such thing as “getting there”, so I can stop even trying.




I think these are the main areas that have been on my mind recently. As I already said, most of them are quite big, so two sentences are hardly enough to describe the whole journey they involve. I am currently working on specific posts about what on earth it is I’m studying again, why I reduced my coffee consumption, and what I think about this “life of transitions” I mentioned in the last section. If there’s any other subject(s) you would like to read more about, please feel free to drop me a comment below! (:


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