6 months to Food Freedom

Individual coaching program around food & body image

Make peace with food & start enjoying life again

Do you…

  • find yourself obsessing about food?
    (continuous thoughts about what, when, how much to eat, etc.)
  • mentally label foods as ‚good‘ or ‚bad‘?
    (foods you ’should‘ and ’shouldn’t‘ eat or ‚forbidden‘ foods)
  • experience intense cravings, mood swings, compulsive eating or over eating?
  • find yourself postponing your happiness to when you’ve reached your desired weight?
  • feel nervous, anxious or guilty when it comes to food and eating?
  • avoid social events because you are scared of eating too much?
  • plan your entire day and life around food?
  • let the scale dictate your emotions and self worth?

If you’ve answered some or all of these questions with „YES“, chances are you are struggling with your relationship to food and body image. I want you to know that’s okay. I want you to know you are not alone.

I feel you. I’ve been there. And I can tell you: It doesn’t have to be that way. There is no need for you to keep suffering.

If I can find food freedom, so can you.
I didn’t get through my challenges with food on my own and you don’t have to, either. It was really only when I got support that things started to shift for me in a sustainable way. This is why I now want to offer this support to you.

> Think about all the energy you now spend on thinking about food. What if you freed up that energy and used it for something else? What would you do? How would you feel? Who would you be? <

I’ve been stuck in the binge-restriction-cycle for years, combined with excessive exercise and extreme self criticism. I know how much it hurts. This constant feeling of „never good enough“, the hope that „with this new diet, it’s gonna be all different“ and the disappointment that inevitably follows. I know how a challenging relationship with food can take over your entire life and how desperate and out of control you can feel. But I also know: There’s a way out. And there’s freedom and deep joy on the other side. This is what my Food Freedom program can help you get to.

My 6 months to Food Freedom program is designed to:

  • gently guide you on your journey to healing your relationship with food and body,
  • provide you with the support, encouragement and accountability you need,
  • identify the root cause of your eating challenges,
  • supply you with concrete, actionable, tried and tested tools and techniques while
  • honoring your individuality and unique situation.

You can read more about my holistic approach to coaching here.

My 6 months to Food Freedom program consists of:

  • weekly accountability texts
  • bi-weekly individual coaching calls
  • monthly personalized work sheets („tool boxes“)

My 6 months to Food Freedom can help you:

  • recover from binge eating, emotional eating, overeating or endless dieting
  • cultivate & maintain a healthy relationship to food & body image
  • find freedom & joy in eating & life
  • let go of restrictions, tension and stress around food
  • bring pleasure back onto the table
  • learn to listen to, honor & trust your body
  • improve your self awareness & confidence
  • learn to love & accept yourself as you are
  • free up energy to focus on what you really want

If you have read everything up until now, my guess is you are looking for a change in the way you relate to food and your body. If this is the case, I want you to know: This change is just around the corner. I can help you get there.

For any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at letsconnect@evakla.at.

food freedom - take the leap

Freedom and joy are waiting for you on the other side of your eating challenges. Take the leap. I’m here to support you.