Yoga Classes

Yoga: Body, mind and soul in harmony

The word „yoga“ comes from Sanskrit and can be translated as „union“ or „integration“. It’s about bringing body, mind and soul into harmony through specific exercises and thereby promoting holistic health. Yoga has helped me make peace with my body, achieve clarity and find inner peace.

In 2018, I decided to complete a yoga teacher training at Ravvi’s School of Yoga to be able to pass on this valuable practice. As a certified Hatha Yoga teacher (RYS-200) according to the International Yoga Alliance standard, I share yoga with anyone who is interested. This includes:

Current classes

All my yoga classes are held in German for the moment. You can find all the information about my German yoga classes here. I’m planning on teaching online classes in English in the future. If this is something that interests you, send me an email and I’ll let you know once I get started.

What my students say

„I appreciate Eva’s clear, calm and pleasant instructions. I can always follow the online classes without having to look at the screen, which makes me feel very relaxed.“ Julia, 44

„I really liked the way you led us into each position and let us arrive there. I always felt very relaxed and connected to myself, my body and emotions after your classes.“Helene, 30

“I am very grateful for Eva’s yoga classes. She’s guiding them beautifully. Her teaching is diverse and yet each time somewhat familiar.”Carola, 45