What Is Ceremonial Cacao?

Answers to the Most Common Questions about Ceremonial Cacao

The beverage which is consumed during a cacao ceremony is different from the cacao powder most of us are used to. Some of the major differences between ceremonial cacao and “regular” cocoa are:

  • Ceremonial cacao is made of whole cacao beans which are dried, roasted and ground, and hence transformed into the raw cacao mass that is sold and shipped in blocks or chunks (see picture below). 
  • Ceremonial cacao is made of traditional, ancient varieties of the cacao plant that have not been modified for industrial use. 
  • From cultivation to shipping, ceremonial cacao is processed with a set intention, mindfulness and appreciation for the plant, its environment and the people who are involved in the process. 

In short, ceremonial cacao is a pure, wholesome product with incredible power which supports us during our ceremonies through its superfood character and healing energy.

Ceremonial cacao from cacaoloves.me.

What Are the Effects of Ceremonial Cacao?

The Olmecs, Maya and Aztecs considered cacao as a divine plant (which is why cacao is still known as „food of the gods“ today). It was supposed to have healing, cleansing, heart-opening and mood-lifting properties. Today, science has proven what shamans already knew several thousand years ago: Cacao is a natural stimulant that invigorates, liberates and delights. This unique effect is caused by over 300 ingredients which have already been analysed by science. 

Physical Benefits of Cacao

  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Protects and regenerates body cells (antioxidant effect)
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Balances the blood sugar level
  • Strengthens bones
  • Relaxes the muscles

Metal Health Benefits of Cacao

  • Improves the ability to concentrate
  • Supports the formation of grey brain matter which is central for decision making and cognitive performance
  • Stimulates the release of happy hormones
  • Promotes blood flow to the brain
  • Increases clarity and focus
  • Supports creative thinking

Spiritual Benefits of Cacao

  • Opens the heart
  • Facilitates the setting of intentions
  • Strengthens the connection to the true self
  • Deepens meditations and spiritual experiences
  • Creates a connection with the mother archetype which stands for unconditional love, acceptance, etc.
  • Helps release blocked emotions
  • Offers the possibility to connect with plants
  • Opens new perspectives

Where Can I Buy Ceremonial Cacao?

There are several suppliers who sell ceremonial cacao throughout Europe. I personally work with the ceremonial cacao from cacaoloves.me, which I can highly recommend.