What Is a Cacao Ceremony?

Answers to the Most Common Questions About Cacao Ceremonies (FAQ)

In a nutshell, a cacao ceremony is the conscious drinking of cacao, sip by sip, while experiencing it with all your senses and pursuing a self-chosen intention. Cacao ceremonies date back thousands of years where they have been carried out by indigenous people in Latin America to ensure peace and unity within the tribe. Nowadays, we use the power of this plant in rituals and ceremonies to open our heart and dive deeper into our inner self.

What happens during a cacao ceremony?

Every cacao ceremony is unique and slightly differs depending on the chosen theme, the participants and the person who conducts the ceremony. My ceremonies generally include the following steps:

  1. Arriving and settling into the setting (e.g. via yoga and breathing exercises)
  2. Learning about cacao (introduction “What is ceremonial cacao?”, “How does it work?”, etc.)
  3. Preparing the ceremonial cacao (depending on the setting, we either prepare the cacao as a group or use cacao which has been prepared in advance)
  4. Setting our intentions and transfer them onto the cacao
  5. Drinking cacao (in a conscious, mindful way)
  6. Guided meditation or journaling exercise (varies depending on the theme and setting)
  7. Completing the ceremony and sharing experiences and insights
Every cacao ceremony is unique.

Please note: The cacao used for the cacao ceremony is different from the cocoa most of us are used to. In my cacao ceremonies, I only use the carefully produced, raw ceremonial cacao from cacaoloves.me.

What can I get out of a cacao ceremony? 

A cacao ceremony can help you dive deep into your inner self in a protected setting. Cacao is a lovely companion that supports us all the way through on this journey. Among other things, a cacao ceremony allows you to:

  • Gain new insights
  • Release locked up emotions
  • Free your inner creativity
  • Experience the feeling of being loved and carried
  • Heal on both an emotional and physical level
  • Get a clear view of your objectives and next steps
  • Strengthen your connection to your true self, nature and other people
  • And much more…

Curious? Feel free to get in touch to organise a cacao ceremony in English.

Your Own Cacao Ceremony

I also host private cacao ceremonies for groups or individuals, both online and in person, either in German or English. If you’re interested in experiencing cacao your own way or would like to participate in a cacao ceremony with a specific theme or intention, feel free to reach out to me via email.