What is Integrative Nutrition?

Integrative Nutrition is a holistic approach that looks at nutrition as more than just food. It helps us to fully nourish ourselves, both on and off the plate.

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We are not only what we eat…

…but also what we do, think and feel. This is why Integrative Nutrition distinguishes between primary and secondary food. 

Primary food

Primary food is our nourishment off the plate, especially our

  • relationships,
  • careers,
  • spirituality and
  • physical exercise.

It’s what we do, think and feel and can either nourish or deplete us.

Secondary food

Secondary food is our nourishment on the plate, meaning

  • our food choices & eating habits,
  • our relationship to food,
  • our eating environment.

Integrative Nutrition = Primary & Secondary food combined

Primary and secondary food are strongly interrelated. What we do, think and feel influences what we eat and drink and vice versa. This is why in Integrative Nutrition, we look at both as integral parts of the whole that is your health and happiness.

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