Holistic Health in Business

Bringing holistic health to your work place

For many of us, our work is what we spend most of our waking time with. This is why our work place has a massive impact on our overall health & well-being. Taking care of employer’s health does not only lead to increased staff satisfaction, but also fewer sick leaves, higher productivity and lower staff churn.

Investing in corporate health pays off – both for the company as well as for its employees.

I offer a full-service, holistic approach to corporate health, including:

  • initial survey to identify staff’s needs
  • project management (in collaboration with HR)
  • individual conceptualization & implementation of corporate health programs
  • educational talks on nutrition, healthy living, mental health & mindfulness
  • practical workshops on how to integrate holistic health at the work place
  • movement classes (yoga, pilates, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training))
  • group coaching sessions for management & staff
  • individual health coaching sessions for management & staff
  • coordination of additional health offers (e.g. massages, healthy lunch, ergonomic work places,…)
  • continuous evaluation & adaptation