Health – Habits – Happiness Coaching

Individual online coaching program around holistic lifestyle

6 months, 12 sessions, limitless growth

Health – Habits – Happiness is a 6-month 1:1 online coaching program. We will virtually meet every other week. As your coach, I will support you in building strong and lasting habits that put you on the road to becoming your healthiest and happiest self. This program is designed to help you create life-long transformations one habit at a time!

Health, habits and happiness are closely linked together. You are not going to be healthy if you are not happy. You are not going to be happy if you are not healthy. And you are not going to be either if you don’t build lasting habits that support both your health and happiness.

BUT: Where all three areas – health, habits and happiness – are addressed in a unified and holistic manner, this is where the magic happens. This is where continuous growth and progress can be found. This is where your goals and dreams can be achieved. So, logically, this is also where my coaching is aimed at.

How does it work?

6 months, 12 sessions, limitless growth

  1. Schedule your free clarity consultation call.
    This call is completely free of charge and without obligation. It’s simply a conversation about your health history and goals to find out if my coaching program is right for you at this point of your journey.

  2. Commit to your progress.
    Once we do decide to work together, we will both sign a coaching agreement. By creating accountability and commitment, this creates the base for a successful collaboration.

  3. Stay consistent & transform you life.
    This program includes 12 individual video or phone calls. They take place bi-weekly and last for 50 minutes each. At the end of every session, we agree on concrete action steps for you to put into practice. This helps you to continuously work towards your goals and transform your life one habit at a time.