What does my coaching look like?

Let’s get one thing straight: Working with me won’t miraculously solve all your problems. I don’t have a magic pill or secret formula to turn your life around from one day to the other.

What I do have, though, is a set of tried and tested tools that you can use to improve your health and happiness one day at a time.

In my coaching…

…I create time and space for you to better understand yourself, your heart’s desires, your story, your patterns, your life path and your personal responsibility.
…I guide you to access your inner knowing and start living in alignment with it.
…I help you identify your next steps to take and provide you with the accountability you need to follow through.
…we work together in your best interest so that you can create the life you desire one step at a time.

What coaching programs do I offer?

I currently offer 3 individual coaching programs. Each of them combine virtual 1:1 sessions with practical „tool boxes“. This combination has proven to lead to the best results, as it provides you with accountability, guidance, consistent support and concrete action steps. Read on to learn more about my coaching offers.

6 months to Food Freedom Coaching

Holistic 1:1 coaching around food & body image.

This is the program for you if you are ready to make peace with food & start enjoying life again. Weekly check-in texts, bi-weekly coaching calls and monthly tool boxes will gently guide you to sustainably build a healthy relationship with food & body. Learn more about 6 months to Food Freedom here.

Health – Habits – Happiness Coaching

6 months, 12 sessions, limitless growth.

This coaching is designed for a deep-dive into holistic health and personal transformation. We will meet bi-weekly for 6 months and collaboratively work through different areas of healthy living, including diet, exercise, mindset, relationships and career. You can find out more about my Health – Habits – Happiness Coaching here.

Connection & Support Coaching (Corona Special)

6 months, 6 sessions. My support, your price.

Special times call for special offers. This donation-based coaching program is designed to support you through this challenging period without having to worry about the money. Pay as you can, grow as you wish! Find out more about my Connection & Support Coaching offer here.